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For all those who seek health and wellness solutions, whether they are more conventional or more specific, Carenavig proposes to offer the solutions it seeks, allowing it to analyze and compare the best alternatives


Carenavig project with national and European support

The Carenavig project consists essentially of the capacity and commitment of its creators and the valuable collaboration of some individuals and friends of the project, who


Health Tourism: Opportunity Portuguese

The president of the Business Association of  Portugal (AEP) said in Matosinhos that it has no doubts that "Portugal can and will be competitive" in health tourism, due to its "natural conditions". 

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Users of ever more demanding health and wellness services


85% of the population wants to have more information about health care alternatives!


What is Carenavig?

Carenavig is an international health tourism portal containing information and contacts of suppliers from around the world of health and well-being by providing this information via online portal.

What we offer?

Main treatments and services in each institution, its history, size and experience of the institution and their teams, price levels, location and accessibility, among other information.

How it works?

Through a simple search engine. You should put your most valued filters and the results that best fits the selected search criteria are presented to you.

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