Hospital José Luciano de Castro da Misericórdia de Anádia

Hospital José Luciano de Castro da Misericórdia de Anádia

In 1902, the Seabra Family of Castro began the construction of a building that was destined to Hospital. On October 5, 1928, twenty-six years later, which took time to complete and open, it was donated and accepted by the Administrative Board of the Brotherhood of the Misericordia of Anadia, whose deed took place on October 30 of the same Azylo José Luciano de Castro, in honor of that statesman, by the wishes of the beneficent donors, his wife and daughters, and opened the doors on March 18, 1928. The true purpose of the Hospital was the Free aid for the poor, those who did not have the means to treat themselves at their expense, and were administered by the Misericórdias or other confraternities. In 1981, by Ordinance No. 525/81 of June 27, the Hospital falls under the jurisdiction of the General Directorate of Hospitals, integrating the Hospital Network of the National Health Service. In 1991, given the advanced state of degradation of the facilities and Equipment of the Hospital, work began on remodeling and improvement. In 1994, a complete restructuring of the northern zone was carried out, based on the original structure where the External Consultations, Day Hospital, Ambulatory Surgery, Waiting Room and Clinical Archive, Imaging Service and Physical Medicine Service And Rehabilitation. In 1996, the southern part was improved and refurbished, which included the Medical Service, Surgery, Urgency and Imaging Service. In 1998, the building where an Operational Block was installed, which included two operating rooms, an anesthetic induction room, a recovery room and a transfer zone. In 2002, the part of the building that had undergone remodeling in 1940 and 1996 was expanded and remodeled, where the Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Urgency, Pediatrics, Sterilization and Chapel Service were installed. The successive works have improved the facilities in order to ensure greater comfort and privacy of the patient, as well as improving the working conditions for the professionals who carry out their activities here. The improvements of the architectural structures were accompanied by the improvement of the technical level of equipment, the technical skills of the workers, through investment in professional training, as well as in the adaptation of safety standards, minimizing clinical and non-clinical risk in the hospital, recognized by the Institute Of Quality in Health / Health Quality Service King's Fund in June 2006, and the Hospital obtained the Accreditation (Anadia, 2007). The definition of a new mission for HJLCA by the Ministry of Health in 2008 led to the alteration of existing services, culminating in the closure of the Emergency Department (January 2008), the closure of the Medical Service (September 2008) and the opening of a Convalescent Unit (January 2009). In 2010, based on ACSS / ARS Centro guidelines, the hospital started to perform Ambulatory Surgery only, so that the facilities with 20 beds used in the Conventional Surgery began to serve as support for Outpatient Surgery. Under the terms and under the decree-law 138/2013 of October 9, the Agreement of Cooperation between the Regional Health Administration of the Center, IP (ARS Centro, IP) and Santa was signed on November 14, 2014 Casa da Misericórdia de Anadia (SCMA) in partnership with the Portuguese Misericórdias Union, through which the José Luciano de Castro Hospital (HJLC) was returned to SCMA and this return was regulated.

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País Destino
Idiomas falados
  • Espanhol
  • Português
Ano de inicio atividade
Ano de construção/remodelação

Tipo de Tratamentos

  • Anestesiologia
  • Cardiologia
  • Cirurgia Geral
  • Medicina Geral e Familiar
  • Cirurgia Plástica
  • Dermato-Venereologia
  • Endocrinologia e Nutrição
  • Fisiatria
  • Gastrenterologia
  • Ginecologia/Obstetrícia
  • Medicina do Trabalho
  • Medicina Interna
  • Neurologia
  • Oftalmologia
  • Ortopedia
Área do corpo
  • Abdómen
  • Aparelho digestivo
  • Aparelho respiratório
  • Braços
  • Cérebro
  • Coluna
  • Coração
  • Fígado
  • Glúteos
  • Mãos
  • Ossos
  • Pele
  • Pernas
  • Pés
  • Pescoço
  • Rins
  • Rosto
  • Visão
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Hospital José Luciano de Castro da Misericórdia de Anádia
ua da Misericórdia - Apartado 93
+351 231 510 420
Código Postal
3780-226 A


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