Spa Domus

Spa Domus

At Belpac we always seek to be true Partners, either in the context of a therapeutic process with a client, or in the provision of services to a large company. We have a series of characteristics that we believe differentiate us and that we systematically seek to deepen: • We are experts in what we do • We have experience in the direct management of services, namely with own brand • We have a wide experience in the relationship with different companies, having a great capacity Of adapting to the characteristics of each one • We have a large team and we have a facility in recruiting new employees • We have access to the latest scientific advances through our employees who are linked to higher education institutions. • We seek to innovate and provide services that the market does not offer, filling gaps that may meet the needs of our customers. For this reason, if you want to hire Belpac services, you can win: Quality: we guarantee the best practices, based on the latest scientific developments. Tranquility: If you are not a specialist in Physical Therapy and / or Speech Therapy and / or Occupational Therapy, you do not have to become one. We lend you all our knowledge and experience. Focus: If these areas are not your core business, use our experience and focus on what adds value to you. Cost reduction: In project development and operational management Rigor: We are very strict internally and this, has a positive impact on our service. Risk sharing: We are available to be business partners.

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País Destino

Tipo de Tratamentos

  • Massagem com pedras
  • Massagem facial
  • Massagem geral
Área do corpo
  • Abdómen
  • Braços
  • Cabeça
  • Glúteos
  • Mãos
  • Pele
  • Pernas
  • Pés
  • Pescoço
  • Rosto


SPA Domus
Estrada Interior da Circunvalação, 10381
+351 220 160 585
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  • Cartão de Crédito (Visa)
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