Clínica Manuela Rebelo

Clínica Manuela Rebelo

It marked the pioneering in Portugal in cutting-edge technologies such as the Definitive Laser Hair Removal with written contracts of Guarantee of Results, and one of the first to make available techniques such as LPG®, Cosmecanique®, Pulsed Light, Carboxitherapy and Lipo Without Surgery .


Today, with the brand perfectly consolidated in the market, prestigious and respected, Manuela Rebelo bases its business in 3 main vectors: Clinic, Consulting and Training, continuing to be your reliable REFERENCE.

1984 Having since very early on revealed a special interest and fascination for the areas of Health and Well-being, graduated in 1984 at the prestigious Professional Academy of Aesthetics and Beauty Madame Campos, where she specializes in Aesthetics and Cosmetology. He started his professional activity and started his own business on that same date, directing his entire career in Clinical Aesthetics for the physical well-being, trust and self-esteem of all his clients and patients.

Convinced of the " Differentiation for Personalization" and always focused on results, bet on the pioneering of this sector: be the first to implement the latest news, invest in the latest technological equipment and provide the latest proven techniques of services / Treatments to be provided.

1997 Expecting a growth of business as an entrepreneur, simultaneously develops the areas of Accounting, Management and Marketing. Launches the first site of Aesthetic Clinic for women and men in Portugal, demystifying the prejudice of aesthetic care for men.

Coated with dedication and determination and aiming to affirm the brand Manuela Rebelo As the first in the industry, implements the latest technologies, equipment and techniques, reconciling clinical work with medical and aesthetic studies, national and international, that scientifically reveal which solutions are advised according to their efficiency.

1999 Following closely the most current market trends, is formed in Milan, in Master Epil Specialist and, intuitively, in 1999, bets on the area of Definitive Depilation, distinguishing itself In the avant-garde of laser technology, launching ramp for innovation and revolution in the sector of male and female hair removal, a factor of great success, making your brand one of the first to ensure Guaranteed Results in writing.

Every customer is a customer and is unique "is the motto of Manuela Rebelo , which invests in the abolition of standard procedures and highlights professionalism as an additional principle Of the brand to which it gives its name, assuming a privileged position, for being permanently in the vanguard of the sector.

The year 2004 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the businesswoman, since the inauguration of the Clinic in the Park of Nations stimulated a new investment, personal and professional. Acquisition of top-of-the-line and latest-generation equipment, suitability of new techniques in the treatment process and the respective technical training to which your team is subjected, are symbols of a great investment, but also of a great differentiation that the brand gains in the market .

2007 In order to ensure continuous evaluation of the services provided and customization of protocols, Manuela Rebelo  Becomes the first brand in Portugal to implement the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard, an added value and a competitive advantage of high prestige and distinction in the market, with a special meaning for the founder. With this implementation in 2007, presents itself in the market, making your franchising business available.

With continuous fidelity to its principles and always convinced of the impact that "Health of Welfare" has on everyone's everyday life, the phenomenon of overweight and the harmful consequences that it has on health lead to it to develop, in its clinical work, a special program of Integrated Weight Loss, aiming to contribute to a healthier population.

2012 With a vast experience of 28 years both in the clinical and business aspects, and despite being in a process of disease subject to chemotherapy, the determination leads her to accept the business opportunity and the challenge to implement in ANGOLA A Clinical Aesthetic Pilot Center, according to the model of your brand. During a year she travels to Luanda on a monthly basis and develops, as a consultant, the project that becomes one more business success.

Ines Rebelo, her daughter, embarks on this project and runs the Pilot Center in Luanda as Technical Director.

Brand positioning Manuela Rebelo Focuses on offering its patients what is best in the area of Clinical Aesthetics, based on certified high-end technologies, but mainly, differentiating themselves from the large mass service networks, so the biggest challenge lies in the personalization, To the detriment of standartization . In an irrevocable commitment to quality and personalization of well-being, it is the oldest and most experienced company in Clinical Aesthetics, with the most diversified and personalized services on the market, with more than 11,000 clients attended.

2014 Inês Rebelo embraces the business and works side by side, defending the same values.

So welcome to the universe of Health and Well-being, as engaging as it is edifying, where Manuela Rebelo Inês Rebelo Patient's investment and needs.

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Tipo de Tratamentos

  • Cirurgia Plástica
  • Dermatologia
  • Estética
  • Nutrição
Área do corpo
  • Abdómen
  • Braços
  • Glúteos
  • Mãos
  • Pele
  • Pernas
  • Pés
  • Pescoço
  • Rosto


Clínica Manuela Rebelo
Alameda dos Oceanos, Nº 110A | Lisboa
21 894 81 33
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